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2S Lithium Polymer Battery for DLG - 350 mAh

Part Number 2S-350
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Sized for discus launch gliders, this superb battery pack fits in most fuselages. 

Lithium polymer batteries are non-toxic to the environment, hold their charge almost indefinitely, will last through many hundreds of cycles, and give the best capacity-to-weight ratio.

Lithium polymer batteries have a high energy density and must be handled properly to mitigate and protect against the risk of fire. 2S (two cells in series) have special charging considerations.

They must be charged properly by a charger intended for this chemistry. You must follow the provided directions with the battery and from your charger. If not using a cell balancer, charge through the discharge connector at the lowest rate possible for your charger (usually 50 or 100 mAh). 

You can charge much faster using a cell balancer. With a balancer, charge at the rate specified on the battery (in this case 2C or 700mAh), or slower. Inside the shop we charge them attended, and placed either on ceramic or brick surface, or in a ceramic pot. The safest location is outside. Never charge inside your vehicle. 

Safety–Shipping and Transportation
We recommend travelling with batteries that are not fully charged. Carry loose batteries in a LiPo fire resistant sack or in a ceramic container. It's often recommended to keep one battery in the device–that's fine for RC planes, but disconnect the battery from any switch or circuit so it is electrically isolated. Doesn't hurt to tape off the outside of the connector. 

Follow the rules provided by the shipper or airline. If there is any doubt about a battery, the smartest and cheapest thing is to discharge it in salt water and throw it away.

If a lithium polymer battery has any damage at all, or inflate from inside so they appear "pillowed", do not re-charge. Simply soak in salt water for a few days, and then throw it away in the trash.
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