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Carbon Rod Pushrod Set with Bondable Teflon Housings

Part Number CarbPush
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Carbon rod pushrod sets are stiff, lightweight, and have music wire ends for connection to standard control horn holes. Our system comes with .030 rods, .032 music wire ends, Dubro 849 EZ-Links, Kevlar thread, and bondable Teflon housings sized for .030 rod. 

Effective pushrod installations have the housings bonded to rigid structure for the entire length, up to a small amount of exposed carbon rod to allow motion. An L-bend in music wire overlaps the end of the carbon by at least 3/4 inch / 20mm. Wrap the overlap in Kevlar thread, and then glued to secure the connection with CA or Epoxy. The L-bend goes through the control horn, and is secured with Dubro 829 EZ Links.
  • Rigid control system
  • Low / no maintenance
  • Easy Link disconnects for travel
  • Fits all DLGs
  • Can be installed internally (fuse design permitting)
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