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Exclusive Distributor for Curved Throwing Blade
Posted by Aradhana Singh Khalsa on 1/18/2012 to New Products
A major contribution to our hobby by Craig Robinson, this new and exclusive product to RC Builder is an elegant and robust curved blade with a tang to install inside the wing. We are able to provide this proven part to North America, as well as parts other than the U.K., where Neil of Hyperflight has been carrying them for months. Orders placed from the U.K will be referred to Neil.

My experience with the blade began late last year when I installed it in a customer's glider, became intrigued, and installed it in two of my own. Since then I've decided to install this in all my personal planes for 2012. The performance has been flawless, and the version II of the design has worked perfectly without special efforts like wrapping the blade in Kevlar thread.

The feel is solid, and it greatly strengthens the local tip area. Shaped and installed properly, I don't think there is a pilot on the planet that can fail the structure. It's too darn strong!

To ensure proper installation we include directions with every blade, plus direct users to my RC Groups thread describing an installation. The blade normally comes with a rather complete installation kit at $29.95, and final aerodynamic shaping of the blade is also offered as an option. Pilots with good skills and all available materials can select an option omitting the installation kit (less $6.95).
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