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RTF Sales Continue
Posted by Aradhana Singh Khalsa on 4/26/2012 to Announcements
It was a great first quarter for us and the new website. Thanks to all for your orders and kind support!

There are several remaining RTF gliders coming into inventory over the next four weeks. Some are completed now, the rest are in production. 

Two gliders I'd like to point out are LightSpeed #025 and Blade #027. They are each a wonderful glider, but quite different in character. The LightSpeed and it's bretheren are high aspect ratio gliders. 025 is a v.II wing on a v. I fuselage. Very lightweight to merely lightweight, good manners, moderately fast. Very fast with ballast. For 025, one can make their own ballast.  

The other LightSpeeds in the store (#'s 019, 022, 026) are a half-ounce heavier due to their  version III fuselages. The v.III fuse is extraordinarily durable, and most importantly is designed around a ballast system. In all offers with a v.III fuse, you'll find included a ballast kit for the v.III multi-weight, tool-free ballast system. 

The last Blade, #027, is a wonderful all-around glider with a bit of speed capability engineered into the wing. Also comes with a v.III fuselage.

One other item: In a few days I'll add the last remaining LightHawk RTF to the Specials category. Call to ask about it, or look for it to post into the store.

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