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Razor #015 is Up, more...
Posted by Aradhana Singh Khalsa on 1/3/2012 to New Products
Razor #015 is up in the store with video and photos. Lovely, lovely glider! Its brother is #016. I won a couple contests flying this pair . If someone wants to have my two primary gliders for this past year for their own fleet, I'll discount the pair another $100. You have to telephone, as I have yet to figure out the best way to list a combo offer on our new site. I will sell them first come–first serve, separately or together. 

Today was a busy with lots of unexpected taskings. An inquiry for a polyhedral DLG brought me back to a fun project I did a few years ago. I know about you guys who like polys, and what it means for you. Frankly, it's not my favorite style of flying DLG. I'd rather have flaperons, but I *do* understand the charm of it. My son and I built and flew a Bubble Dancer, and flew poly 2 meter ships as well. So I get it. 

I brought the wing out, saw that it doesn't need very much love to fly again. If the gentleman doesn't grab it, I promise to add it to the store. That makes 25 RTFs in new and used we are working on right now. :))) 

- Aradhana Singh

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