Getting Started- README

Updated 1-2010 - Please read each item below before using the assembly guides.

  1. The overall assembly guide covers the assembly and gear installation for six different gliders.

  1. To reach the correct version of the guide for your glider, select it from the navigation pane on the left.

  2. Under each glider name, find the hypertext list (links ) to assembly tasks. Work from this list to organize your work and go to assembly topics.

  3. Use the BACK button in your browser to return to the Assembly Guide task list.

  4. Status: The guides for LH-III and LS-III are in progress, with updates almost every day. The archival guide for version I is locked. If you do not see something you need for a version I glider, check the version III documentation, and then as needed contact us directly or in the RC Groups threads with any questions.

  5. If a topic in our version III guide is not published yet, please take a look at the comparable topic in the version I guide. It will help you get started, maybe even complete the task. And as always, this stuff is 90% common sense.

  6. We recommend MS Internet Explorer as your browser for the assembly guide.
    Some other browsers have problems with DHTML, including Google Chrome and many Mozilla-based browsers. For example, some browsers do not display the navigation pane. If you do not see a navigation pane on the left, or are having other issues with using the assembly guide, please use IE to view and print the assembly guide.

  7. For ease of use, say "yes" to allow scripts to run. These scripts enable navigation features.

  8. Cool Feature: Let's say you have an printer, like most computer owners today. And let's say you want to print an assembly topic and take the printout to your work bench. Before you print, click the X at the top of the left-hand Navigation pane. This closes the Navigation pane so it doesn't appear in your printout. To restore the Navigation pane so you can go to other topics, click the CONTENTS button at the top.